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Quality Control

F&S take Quality very seriously. After an intensive audit by QMS International in November 2019 F&S received the ISO 9001:2015 which replaced ISO 9001:2008.

To ensure that we meet the exacting requirements of our customers, each drawing is scrutinised and fed through our XYZ software which provides co-ordinates for our CNC machines.

The parts are then inspected by our Co-ordinate Measuring Machine prior to production batches taking place to ensure they meet specifications provided by customer drawings.  Regular sample checks are then undertaken to ensure the production of parts are consistent and accurate.

Any questions on quality speak to Jonathan French B.Eng, with 30 years experience he can write a book on Tube Bending (just don't get sat next to him at a party and ask about Tube Bending!!)

ISO 9001 2015 Badge.jpg
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